What Can Outdoor Landscaping Add To Your Home?

When planning home improvement projects, your to-do list can fill up quickly. Unfortunately, landscape is often an afterthought.

Upgrading your landscape is more than just updating its appearance. In addition to making outdoor spaces more appealing, quality landscaping can also offer these three benefits.

Increase your health and well-being.

Having a well-maintained home garden has proven to have multiple physical and psychological benefits. Spending time outdoors relieves stress. Soak up the summer sunshine. Inhale spring's sweet fragrances. Enjoy a flower's colorful blooms. All can provide a much-needed escape. In many ways, your landscape is your own personal "retreat." While you may feel better, studies have shown that simply looking at plants can reduce blood pressure too.

Support your community's environment.

While landscape boosts your own health, it also benefits those around you. Planting trees and shrubs impact the local environment. Even small landscapes prevent storm runoff and limit erosion. In urban settings, trees can reduce noise pollution and improve air quality. Even more important, landscaping helps regulate temperatures throughout the year. Home gardens keep the surrounding areas cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter when compared to concrete, asphalt or even bare soil. Not to mention that mature trees provide great shade.

Maximize your home's value.

Landscaping is "green" in more ways than one. Installing landscape can add up to 20 percent to your home's value. Surprisingly, this increase is almost equal to indoor remodeling projects, such as new kitchens or bathrooms. This goes beyond just curb appeal. Prospective buyers are willing to spend more on homes with thoughtful landscapes. However, homeowners do not have to break the bank to capitalize on this extra value. Start small by adding or replacing just a few items. Consider adding hardscape features, such as fire pits, decks or patios. Despite the initial cost, landscaping is an investment that will pay off down the road.

For more information on landscaping, contact the team at Jeffs Premier Landscaping today, we serve the Naperville, Wheaton, Downers Grove cities and surrounding areas. We are skilled landscape design contractors that can turn your backyard into an oasis.


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