Getting Your Plants Prepped For The Fall Weather

As summer ends and the cool, crisp fall approaches, it is important to care for your plants. Those bushes and flowers that come up every year need some care even as they go dormant for the colder part of the year. If you want a nice Spring garden, you need to do some maintenance now to make sure your plants survive the winter months.

First of all, pull up the annuals you have planted. Remove all the leaves from your garden area. Leaves can act as a bit of an insulation against the cold, but they also get wet and can retain water. This can attract pests, lead to rotting roots, and even create mold. So once things have died back, a good fall cleanup is in order.

During the cleanup, you can make some of it into compost. Any plant matter that looks like it might have a disease or fungus should be thrown away, but most of the rest can be made into a compost pile. 

Gather and save any seeds that you will want to plant next spring. Pay attention to planting guidelines in your area, as some should be planted in the fall. Perennials such as dahlia and begonias can be dug up and stored indoors for the winter.

If you live in a dry climate especially, be sure to water and fertilize your garden well before the first freeze. Around Thanksgiving is a good time in most areas of the country. To further take care of the ground, put a think layer of compost around your garden and that will help with the structure of the soil. It is also a good time to test the PH balance and add lime if you need to in order to correct the acid level.

If you live in a very cold climate, put straw around them at the base. Wrap them in paper or cloth sacks. Wood chips around the roots are also helpful as insulation.

For more information on landscaping and protecting your plants, contact the expert team at Jeffs Premier Landscaping today, we serve the Naperville, Wheaton, Downers Grove cities and surrounding areas. We are Aurora's best hardscape company! From outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to beautiful greenery for your yard, we can help. 

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